Upgrade Modification

More than 3,000 experiences in the area of upgrade modification to rotogravure printing, laminating and coating machines.

Printing Speed 200m/min
Manually Side-lay



Upgrade Spec
Printing Speed 350/min
Automatic Side-lay
Installed Turn Bar Device
Top and Bottom Splice system
Easy to doctor

Uniontech Advantage

Risk Avoidance

Increased Productivity

Improved Quality

Easier Operation

Our upgrade modification brings increased productivity, improved product quality, easier operation and risk avoidance. Based on the more than 3,000 experiences, we propose properly to satisfy with your demands. Even 20 years old machine will be working for more 10 years.

Install Turn Bar Device

The Installation of Turn Bar Device to your existing machines without E.P.C.(Edge Position Censor) Device bring you highly benefits.

Expanded Printing Units

By manufacturing only printing units you need, we install them to your existing machines. Ex. Upgrade 6 colors rotogravure printing press into 8 color rotogravure printing press, Add in-line dry laminating unit to 8 color rotogravure printing press.

Replacement of DC motor to AC Vector Motor

DC motor and electric devices corresponding to DC motor are already discontinued products. If something happen to your machine caused by electric matters, it cannot be repaired any longer. Not to be happened production stoppage, we recommend the replacement of DC motor and the electric devices to AC Vector motor, and at the same time upgrade tension control system to the latest system

Replacement of PLC

PLC of life ages is usually for 10 years. Some of the electric communicating devices and IO Units are no longer produced. It is too late to replace after these devices get broken. In order to avoid this risk, more companies tend to take the solutions.

Maintenance of Guide Rollers

Worn guider rollers directly cause misalignment, creases and waves on the printing materials. UNIONTECH’s well-balanced rollers contribute improvement of production quality and speed.